Ava Luxe Cafe Noir

Dear Scent Diary,

Oh. My. God. Can’t get my nose off my wrist. This is dark and deep and delicious and aromatic and genuine and well, just plain gorgeous. This is the type of fragrance that tickles the bottoms of my lungs I’m compelled to inhale so deeply. imagesIt’s true I’m a sucker for coffee scents but this one is more than just java. It’s strong black coffee on steroids with a hint of cardamom and lavender giving things an aromatic edge, while sandalwood and vanilla almost imperceptibly round it out. No kidding around though, it’s all about the coffee. I bet there are some who’ll complain that they smell like they spilled a pot of coffee on their shirt or that someone stuffed their pockets full of beans when they weren’t looking. Yuk, yuk, yuk. I guess I’ll just be over here rolling my eyes at them with both nostrils glued to my wrist. Most would probably call this masculine, but as you can probably tell, I call it unisex.


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris – APOM

Dear Scent Diary,

UnknownI’m wearing one of those seamlessly blended fragrances today. The lines where one note blends with the other are airbrushed away so completely. I often think of perfumes as olfactory colours – this one is made up of orange blossom, cedarwood and ambergris – white, green and grey combined to make a muted…aqua. It’s a warm, clean scent that’s fairly strong and forthright, but somehow lacks complexity. The notes start and stay perfectly blended throughout the day. The orange blossom tilts things toward the soapy side of things – something I don’t mind, but don’t love (even though I love orange blossom). I believe this is classified as a ‘pour homme’, but I find it quite unisex. I’ve enjoyed wearing Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris APOM today, but I don’t lust after it. No full bottle for me.