Blind buy danger: Dries Van Noten Frederic Malle

Dear Scent Diary,

nd.17481I know it’s not wise to buy online without sniffing first – $200 is a lot to bet on my fickle nose loving this fragrance. But let me make my case, Diary. The reviews I’ve read say it’s a gorgeous sandalwood gourmand that’s long lasting, but not overpowering. You know how much I adore sandalwood, Diary. And you know I love sandalwood for its buttery quality, and this sounds like that aspect has only been enhanced. Here’s a transcript of a conversation I had with someone on Facebook Fragrance Friends who had just received hers (also a blind buy):

Her: “SOTD: The new Malle/Dries perfume came yesterday. Just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Warm, spicy, creamy. Def a vanilla perfume but for grown-ups, the sandalwood is gorgeous and does thread itself thoughout the entire perfume start to finish.”

Me: “More vanilla pod than vanilla cupcake? Equal amounts vanilla and sandalwood or more vanilla?”

Her: “More vanilla cupcake but truly not too sweet. I am not usually a fan of goumand let alone gourmand vanillas; ie. I do not like, actually dislike, Guerlain’s SDV or even Luten’s Un Bois Vanille but this one with the citrus, sandalwood and other spices evens out the cupcake type vanilla used in it. The Grain de Musc review mentions smelling something freshly baked vs. a full in your face sweetness and I would say this is very accurate. Mmmm to my nose I get more sandalwood but that may be because this sandalwood is sooooooooooooo good. I can’t think of a sandalwood recently that’s this good. Maybe I notice it more than the vanilla because of that but that may be just my nose. I will say I think the sandalwood as more of a major player in this as it weaves its way from inception to drydown.”

See Diary? I’m dead meat.


8 responses to “Blind buy danger: Dries Van Noten Frederic Malle

  1. If you haven’t bought it yet – DON”T!

    It’s not a limited edition, it has been just released so there is absolutely no reason to buy it unsniffed.
    Even if you do not have access to the line in a store and do not want to spend money on buying a sample, buy a 5-10 ml decant on FFF (somebody is/will be doing a split). If you absolutely love it you’ll swap your partially used decant for something else you want to try and buy a full bottle.

    There is absolutely no upside to the blind buy of that type of the perfume.

  2. Lorraine!
    Now that you mentioned Dries Van Noten I just found out one of niche perfume stores in Poland just started selling it. I think I might give it a try and order a sample. I’m gonna place an order anyway since they’ll be introducing Arquiste line in Poland and I want to try some of Arquiste scents.

  3. Das

    Hi Lorraine,
    I have to agree with your friend. The sandalwood is verrry nice. I managed to get a small sample at the Seattle Barney’s last weekend. From the very beginning, the milky sandalwood is front and center and the other notes layer on top of and intertwine with it. I love understated scents (a la JC Ellena) but they have to last and this is exactly that. I’m seriously tempted… I’ll have to order a sandalwood sample set to see if something else compares.
    You’ll have to post a review after you get your sample/decant!

    • Hi Das!
      You’re putting me in danger of blind buying this all over again! Sounds so gorgeous. I will definitely post my thoughts once I get my nose on it 🙂

      • Das

        🙂 Haha, no, I didn’t mean to do that! Definitely wait for the sample. What if it’s just “Meh”? Then you have this big bottle to manage: try to make room for it OR sell it OR split it… Just too much work!

      • So true! Another voice of reason, thank you Das.

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