Classic Ellena: Jour d’Hermes

Dear Scent Diary,

Went on a bit of a smelling spree today. I’m in Vancouver on business, but lucky for me, the ‘business’ only lasted an hour and I had the rest of the day to wander around all the city’s perfume hot spots. One of the first things I smelled was the new Jour d’Hermes, Jean-Claude Ellena’s proof to himself and the world that he could do a feminine scent – as if any of us had any doubt.

dc56196f2bfd6315c3824a1e1b294e08Jour d’Hermes opens with a burst of juicy florals that hit a citrusy high note right off the top. It’s bright and tart and lovely. There’s no powderiness or typical perfuminess that a floral blend with no one dominant flower can often conjure. To my nose, it becomes obvious within minutes that the same hand that created Un Jardin Sur le Nil had a hand in this as well. The tart refusal to become sweet, the brightness, and the indelible marker style tenaciousness is to my mind, classic Ellena. The sillage is fairly strong and yet the scent is light – another Ellena magic trick.

Did I buy? Well, I’m generally not a ‘buy-on-the-first-sniff’ kinda girl, so no. Will I go back and buy? I’d have to say no. My tastes run unisex and woody and this is firmly in the ‘fresh, crisp, citrusy, floral’ camp. I have no doubt it will be adored by many, but it shall only be admired from afar my me.


9 responses to “Classic Ellena: Jour d’Hermes

  1. Das

    I’m on the same page with you about this scent. I love a lot of the Hermes line, but this one was too bright, too tartly citrus for me – I call that style ‘neon sign’ perfumes. And I completely agree with your comparison to Sur Le Nil. On the other hand, I do own the Nil because the green mango tartness holds my interest more.
    Hope you’ll tell us about the other things you tried!

    • Hi Das,
      We do seem to share the same opinion on this, don’t we. I love ‘neon sign’ perfumes as a descriptor for super bright scents. Ha! I own Nil too so we agree to that degree. And I will definitely let you in on my little sniff splurge 🙂

  2. I didn’t like Jour d’Hermes at all. Too lighthearted and ethereal + on me it smells mostly like a carrot, and I don’t like carrots anything else than on my plate or in my juice.

  3. I’m also one of the fans of Un Jardin Sur le Nil but Jour d’Hermes didn’t work for me. I was somewhat upset by that because I liked the bottle and hoped it might be a nice uncomplicated scent… It’s not. At least not for me. Oh well… Money saved.

  4. I had the same reaction, and my taste also runs to unisex and woody, but this sure did smell good for what it was.:)

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