All the facts about Serge Lutens perfumes

Dear Scent Diary,


When I was preparing the previous post on The Best Sample programs and Discovery Sets, I came across this very helpful page called “Serge Lutens – Nearly All the Facts” compiled by Bela, author of the blog ‘Frag Name of the Day’.

It’s a post with, you guessed it, nearly all the facts about the line in one spot, including a chart with every scent they’ve ever released and when, whether they come in bell jars or spray bottles, notes, whether the samples are available in liquid or wax and even what colour the label is.

ANNND it gives instructions on how to ask for and receive the Petit Livre des Salons (their book of wax samples) for free.

Serge Lutens' Petit Livre des Salons.

Serge Lutens’ Petit Livre des Salons.

She refers to a handwritten letter or phone call in the post, but I’ve also had success with a thoughtfully-worded email.

It’s a nice reference page to bookmark.

5 responses to “All the facts about Serge Lutens perfumes

  1. I heard that those wax samples do not smell the same as real perfumes. But you’ll be able to report back firsthand.

    • Hi Undina,

      It’s somewhat true. They give an idea of the dry down but not any of the development. Because of this, several of the wax samples smell very similar – the Bois series, the Santals. It’s very difficult to tell the difference between Santal Blanc and Santal de Mysore in wax form. Ultimately, they give you an idea of what you might like in a general sense so you know which ones to seek out for a decant or a split.

      • You’re probably right. I just do not like solid perfumes – even real ones – so I’ve never felt tempted to test these… And now I’ve at least smelled most of SL’s perfumes.

  2. Lindaloo

    It appears that this very informative blog page about the Serge Lutens range actually belongs to Bela who is better known for her very useful Frag Name of the Day site.

  3. Thanks Lindaloo! I’ll update the post to reflect that. 🙂

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