Comparison sniff: Hermes Eau des Merveilles, Eau Claire des Merveilles, Ambre des Merveilles and Elixir des Merveilles

Dear Scent Diary,

images-2Like many of the scents I’ve ended up loving, I wasn’t that impressed with Hermes’ Eau des Merveilles when I first tried it. It’s a salty, transparent orange scent with some woods and amber blended in. Okay…and? I promptly forgot I was wearing it until much, much later when I was a bit taken back by how great and unexpectedly sexy I smelled. “Wow, okay,” I thought, “Maybe I’m starting to get it now.” The next day, when I threw on the jacket I had worn the day before, I was literally distracted by my sudden gorgeous personal aroma. I probably shouldn’t have been driving.

The thing about Eau des Merveilles is, you’re never drawn to how it smells, it’s about how you smell. The salty ambergris seems to meld with the salt of your skin to create the ‘you’, while the orange and woods rise up to create the ‘but better’ part of the equation. I find it to be the perfect scent for when you’re going to be amongst people but aren’t sure if they’re perfume nazis or not. Eau des Merveilles will never offend, and yet is very present, making both my perfume enemies and myself very happy. For me, EdM holds down a very important fort in my perfume wardrobe: it’s my well-cut white t-shirt and high-end jeans scent. Casual, but still stylish and a little sexy.

So. Since I am such a fan, I was very curious to know how Ralf Schwieger and Nathalie Feisthauer‘s little understated masterpiece compared with Jean-Claude Ellena’s three more recent flankers. Here’s my take.
nd.9583Eau Claire des Merveilles – Lighter, more floral, less salty and even more polite (as if that was necessary). While Eau des Merveilles manages to be polite in a very original, present way, Eau Claire does it in a more traditional, quiet, shrinking-from-view kind of way. My least favourite. Wait, now I’m being polite. I hate it.

UnknownAmbre des Merveilles – Opens with a layer of vanilla and boozy amber over the salty ambergris. As it dries down, the vanilla adds a sweet layer over the transparent orange and salt of the original. At times late in the drydown, it smells syrupy and woody and outdoorsy all at the same time. Ambre des Merveilles manages to be something very original in its own right: a fresh amber scent. I like.

nd.3168Elixir des Merveilles – This one comes out of the gates with a bang. The ante is upped and every note is doubled down. The transparent orange of the original makes way for a potent swirl of orange zest, chocolate and spices. I was in love straight away. Which I should know by now, is a bad sign. As Elixir dries down, it keeps much of its potency as the saltiness of the ambergris becomes more prominent. It’s denser, richer and sweeter than the original and after a few hours, I realized that that’s actually a bad thing. What makes the original so brilliant in my books is its ease. It’s like a person with natural style. Elixir is the person wearing designer pieces from head to toe but looks like they’re trying too hard. It’s by no means a bad scent – in fact, I do like it. But in the end, the only one I really want to own is the original. Good thing I already do.


5 responses to “Comparison sniff: Hermes Eau des Merveilles, Eau Claire des Merveilles, Ambre des Merveilles and Elixir des Merveilles

  1. It is a wonderful review. I’m not just being polite ;). Though, to tell you the truth, I’m never just being polite this way: but sometimes I might use these words for the lack of others. But this time I really mean it. The post is so light and freely flowing, with enough information to interest and a lot of passion to affect. Somehow I missed this whole line until recently and then, after reading a great review for the Ambre flanker, being an amber fan, I tried them all on paper and the amber one on skin – and wasn’t impressed.

    I liked the way you wrote about these perfumes so much that I’ll give at least two of them a full skin time the next time I come across them at a store.

  2. Susan T

    I absolutely adore the Eau des Merveilles and love the way it smells on my skin after a few hours. The others, meh….I agree completely with your assessment.

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