A wearable Serge Lutens: Vetiver Oriental

Dear Scent Diary,

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll wear anything anywhere. But there are times when you do have to put others first and keep your skunking tendencies at bay. I have a few ‘polite scents’ that I pull out when I’ll be in unknown company. And then there are my ‘wearable scents’ that are a bit beyond polite, but are refined and pleasing for when I’ll be amongst people and don’t think (or don’t particularly care if) they’ll be offended by a waft or two.

UnknownI’m a fan of Serge Lutens fragrances but I can’t say that many of the scents in the range fall into the ‘wearable’ camp. For me, the majority are to wear for yourself when you’re by yourself, or you’re just popping in somewhere briefly and don’t mind leaving an unusual or intense scent trail. There are a few exceptions, however, and Vetiver Oriental is one of them.

It opens with a very clean vetiver buffered by what smells to me like powdery iris and a hint of anise. There’s a refined booziness to me as it develops, and it sweetens considerably. Then out of nowhere, out pops a cocoa note that I find completely beguiling. At the start, it’s debatable whether this leans masculine or whether it’s truly unisex. However, as it drys down, the gourmand sweetness pulls the rooty greenness into what I would consider feminine territory. It’s not for girls though. Women only.

Vetiver fiends will adore this scent. But even if you merely like vetiver, read these reviews and you will, like me, find yourself blind buying it ordering a sample.

Olfactoria’s Travels

The Non-Blonde

Nathan Branch


5 responses to “A wearable Serge Lutens: Vetiver Oriental

  1. Das

    Oh my …
    Here are your keywords that perked me right up: vetiver, iris, anise, booziness, cocoa, unisex.
    How has this flown under my radar?? Huh. Maybe my usual SL stores don’t carry this one. Yay, a new perfume mission!

    I own 2 SL: Jeux de peau and Five O`Clock Au Gingembre. Hey, I just realized I could smell like a tea party if I wear both at the same time. 🙂

  2. I like Vetiver Oriental and like wearing it from time to time. But I’ve never thought of many other SL’s perfumes as of difficult. Ambre Sultan, Bas de Soie, Boxeuses, Chergui, De Profundis, Fille en Aiguilles, Five O’Clock au Gingembre, Iris Silver Mist, Jeux de Peau, Santal Majuscule and Vitriol d’oeillet – I think of any of these as wearable, maybe some of them just in lighter application than the others.

    • Hi Undina,
      Someone else made a similar comment to me on Twitter. Perhaps its a lingering perception I have after trying both Arabie and Feminite de Bois on a fragile day. 🙂 I agree, sometimes all it takes is a little application management to make something ‘wearable’.

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