The Beauty of Sadness: The Different Company Jasmin de Nuit

Dear Scent Diary,

To my husband’s utter dismay, I’m a jasmine lover.  If I wear a jasmine perfume in his presence he respectfully pretends not to notice, but if we’re in the car, he’s been known to roll down the windows dramatically and hang his head out, mock gasping for air. You now know what I’m dealing with. We’ve finally traced his repulsion to an association he has with his mother wearing jasmine perfume in the car when he was a boy during a time when he was prone to being carsick. Okay, based on that, I suppose I’ll allow the goofy histrionics.Unknown

Jasmin de Nuit is not exactly a jasmine scent. I know this to be true because my husband likes it. He nods his head and pushes his bottom lip out when I slip my Jasmin de Nuit perfumed wrist under his nose.

Jasmine is of course a part of the perfume’s composition but the impression the fragrance gives is not of a sweet, bright white floral. Clearly. The dry down is in fact more akin to carrot cake than it is to a flower. But something about this spicy, amber-y jasmine tinged with humanity and sadness breaks my heart.  Just like a chord of music that can somehow embody the feeling of heartbreak, Jasmin de Nuit takes me to a melancholy place almost immediately. Guerlain’s L’heure Bleu, while a different scent altogether, has a similar effect on me.

Unknown-1images-2The fragrance opens with cardamom, cinnamon, anise and an undercurrent of low-register indolic jasmine. Musky humanity is present, either as a part of the indoles or as a note unto itself. Within ten minutes, the cardamom and other spices become even more dominant while sandalwood and amber begin to seep in. Still present though is the low-pitched, melancholy indole of the jasmine. The bright, sweet, high register portion of the note that we expect when we hear ‘jasmine’ is missing, and with it, its cheer.

everything's going to be alrightPerhaps if perfumer Celine Ellena and The Different Company had named this scent Sunday Evening (in French of course), fewer people would be frustrated by their expectations of a heady, uplifting jasmine scent. Perhaps instead, they would enjoy the spice, sandalwood, amber and indole of this gorgeous fragrance and succumb to the exquisite sadness its beauty brings.

That, or just have a spouse that keeps the perfume’s name a secret.


5 responses to “The Beauty of Sadness: The Different Company Jasmin de Nuit

  1. I’ve got a sample somewhere which I might eventually try the other day. But first I would have to dig it out of the drawer.

  2. Das

    This was one of the perfumes in my first sample order ever. I’d read on a blog that this was one of the best jasmines, and because I was brand new to the difference between jasmine and any other floral note (besides rose), I bought it to learn what a ‘great’ jasmine smelled like. I remember distinctly how thoroughly confused I was when I opened the vial. I thought my nose must be very unlearned because it didn’t smell at all like what I thought a white floral should. I immediately put the vial away, perplexed and disappointed. I guess I missed the comments or details about the other very dominant spice notes in the fragrance :-). Might be time to pull that vial out and see if my nose has learned a few things.

    As for your husband’s reaction, it made me laugh. My husband does kinda the same thing, but for all perfumes. At least you can get yours to smell your wrist! Mine literally runs away when I try to do that. The only time he comments on my perfume is to say it’s too strong (just FYI, I never spray ANY perfume more than twice) or he doesn’t like it. Oh, with one very strange exception. When I wore Gorilla Perfumes (Lush) Breath of God, a very strange scent (well, strange because I still don’t understand it) for the first time, we immediately got into the car and I just KNEW he was going to say something because that little spray was strong! But he totally floored me by saying he actually liked it, ‘in contrast to a lot of the other scents’ I wear. Crazy. I don’t know what note he’s picking up in it that makes it so appealing to him (to me, that perfume is a giant cacophony of notes) and I kinda think it must have been a fluke because the second time I wore it, he didn’t seem to notice, but at least 1 perfume out of ~50 is ‘nice’. Progress!! 😀

    • Das! I’ve missed you!

      I can see how ordering JdN as a reference for a great jasmine note would be a traumatic experience. Worth another sniff now though. Your more experienced nose might find it quite interesting and elegant.

      Ah, our poor husbands. Mine actually doesn’t mind fragrance in general and usually plays along. That is perplexing though about Breath of God. Very incense-y and a bit forest-y, but then blooms with some balminess. What is that balmy note?? Maybe he likes Natural perfumes? Have you tried any Natural or Organic lines on him? A lot of them have this kind of feeling…

  3. Thank you for this beautiful review 🙂
    Did you discover our 3 new fragrances in la Collection l’Esprit Cologne?

    Kind rigards

    The Different Company

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