Smelling more put together than I am: Cuir de Lancome

Dear Scent Diary,

Leather is another one of those notes that I’ve had touch and go experiences with. At this point, it’s more go than touch, if I’ve got that right. I haven’t experienced even close to all the leathers out there, so I’m reserving judgement, especially since my experiments so far are inconclusive.

7695333038_fb7c6ea7fcCuir de Lancome is a frag I’d heard described so often as a hidden gem, my search for it became a bit frenzied, I admit. When it finally arrived, I sprayed with anticipation just before going for a walk. At first sniff, the leather and floral hit creates a synthetic, perfumey vibe on my skin that’s not immediately loveable. As I walked though, the scent bubble I was in was a very different story.

What was wafting up created a very distinct image in my mind: a very put-together, elegant woman wearing a cashmere coat, silk scarf, Nappa leather gloves, hair perfectly coiffed in a chignon, and face flawlessly buffed with Chanel makeup. For a woman wearing hiking shoes and a beanie, that was quite a transformation. For a moment or two, the scent enters an 80’s perfumey zone that I’m not entirely comfortable with, but it doesn’t stay there. The drydown is a warm, suedey floral that’s much more relaxed than its opening. The feeling is that of the same put-together ‘lady’, only it’s after she gets back from brunch at the art gallery, puts on a pair of jeans and lets her hair down. She’s still probably more put-together than I am, but it’s nice to be able to spray on a different persona whenever you feel like it.