3 Mainstream Perfumes That Smell Like Niche

Dear Scent Diary,

As a fairly frugal fumehead, I get a lot of joy out of finding ‘mass’ scents that smell as if artisanal care, talent and ingredients went into them. Here are my top three:

Narciso Rodruigez For Her

Jean Paul Gautier Fleur de Male

Adam Levine For Her

This last one is my latest discovery and the one that prompted this post. I am essentially mortified to buy anything with Adam Levine’s name on it since I detest his music. But I’ll have to get over it because I love this perfume. If it weren’t his I’d feel much less sheepish and embarrassed, I’m sure.

The fragrance is a slightly sheer, spicy sandalwood that’s warm, absolutely lovely and miles away from the fruitchouli’s and ‘clean’ scents that dominate the mainstream. It’s fairly linear but its sillage is beautiful. The cap on the bottle looks like a microphone just to make me cringe a little more. Perhaps I’ll decant it and throw away all the packaging.

Are there any niche-like mainstream scents I haven’t listed that I should try? Let me know, please.