Samples rant and Parfum d’Empire Equistrius

Dear Scent Diary,

visuel_echantillonsWhy can’t all perfume houses be like Parfum d’Emipre and have a great sample program? Don’t all the others get that it’s hard to fall in love with their fragrances if we can’t get our noses on them? Surely there’s some math that proves samples convert to full bottle sales at a higher percentage than NO samples. And they don’t even have to be free! I know I’m happy to pay a (reasonable) price for a sample set. Why is it not an industry standard, diary?

images-1I have a soft spot for Parfum d”Empire as a house because their sample program is one of the best. It includes a 2 ml spray sample of every single frag in their line (13) for 22 euros shipped worldwide, and arrives beautifully packaged with a personal note.

After a weary nosed sample-fest, one scent emerged victorious.

Equistrius is considered an iris scent by most but what hooked me was the warm, buttery sandalwood. When does warm, buttery sandalwood not hook me is the question. Anyway, it’s a rich, addictive, complex blend of iris, violet, sandalwood, amber and chocolate that’s truly divine. I have Birgit at Olfactoria’s Travels to thank for whetting my appetite for it. Luckily for me, it lasts much longer on my skin than on hers – at least 10 hours.

Diary, I’ve noticed that my husband has raided my samples and was wafting Cuir Ottoman today. Leather notes can be a challenge on me, but on him this one is glorious. We may be a two Pd’E family before too long.