The Most Interesting Perfume Articles and Videos From Around the Web

Dear Scent Diary,

I”ve been torn about posting each of these individually over the past month or so and finally came to the conclusion that they’d be most appreciated as a collected ‘best of’ post. So here it is –  the most interesting perfume reading and watching I’ve come across in the last little while, in no particular order:

“Making Scents” – An engaging, well-produced documentary-style film by about the fragrance capital of the world: Grasse. It’s about six minutes long and well worth a look. Watch it here.

“For Hire: Perfume Nose” – An interview with Celine Ellena (yes, Jean-Claude’s daughter) by First published in 2007, it delves insightfully into what its like to be both a perfumer, and the daughter of a famous one. Read it here.

“On the Scent of Luxury with an Upper East Side Perfumer” – A Wall Street Journal article where an interview with Frederic Malle about a room spray made exclusively for the Mark hotel in New York becomes ultimately, an interview about Frederic Malle. Read it here.

“The Perfume Odyssey; A Scent-imental Journey” – A New York Times article first published all the way back in August, 2000. Calice Becker gives a particularly good argument against the idea of layering perfume. Read it here.

“The 50 Best Fragrances” – UK’s The Independent lists its top 5o perfumes – and it’s not bad! When a newspaper or magazine publishes its ‘best fragrances’ list, they’re often written by a beauty editor and not a perfume enthusiast – which is why so many end up being nothing more than a compilation of the latest mainstream releases. This one is a mix of good mainstream and niche with reasonably good descriptions of each scent (as opposed to the usual “for the sporty scent lover!” dreck). Read it here.

“10 British Perfume Labels Changing the Scent Game” – The title is a bit overstated but the perfumes and houses highlighted are interesting and worth noting. Read it here.

“Posting Your Scent of the Day (SOTD): What’s the Point?” – The infamous article by Andrew Buck of that sent Facebook fragrance groups into a tizzy and offended many a fumie. Read it here.

“SotSolipsism” – A fascinating rebuttal to the Scentrist article by Sheila Eggenberger of Read it here.

“Katie’s Perfume Collection Update Part Four” – Katie Puckerik shares some of her fragrances with us, including those of her late Dad. If you’ve never teared up while watching a perfume collection video, this will be the first time. I’m serious, get a Kleenex. Watch it here.